Audio Impressions creates high definition sample libraries backed by groundbreaking patented music technology for composers working under extreme deadlines. We deliver the performance and sound of live musicians in ways that have been overlooked and we enable composers to create mock-ups of live orchestration that translate directly to fully accurate and playable scores.

AudioPort Universal free trial!

A free trial of AudioPort™ Universal is now available.
AudioPort Universal is a cross-platform software for hosting
vst sampler or synth plug-ins and sending their multichannel
digital audio output over gigabit Ethernet to a sequencer or
DAW, no audio cards needed. More info HERE.
For free trial, please e-mail leslie@audioimpressions.com.
NOW $79 (50% off!!!)

70 DVZ Strings on the Grönemeyer Tour!

The multi-platinum German singer Herbert Grönemeyer chose
70 DVZ Strings for his entire tour. Both keyboardists Alfred Kritzer
and Rainer Scheithauer are using DVZ on stage.
70 DVZ Strings can be used in the studio or live on stage
without a sequencer. It is the ultimate live performance tool.
Watch 70 DVZ Strings live here. Tour dates here.

Notation Switchblade on Sibelius blog

Check out what Sibelius has to say about Notation Switchblade here.

70 DVZ Strings Review in Keyboard Recording

Great new review in the French mag Keyboard Recording.
"An innovative and unique approach for virtual strings.
70 DVZ Stings not only simplifies the composer's programming, it also
insures a very musical and realistic result. A memorable step forward".
French folks, you can read the full article HERE
Keyboard Recording

70 DVZ Strings on American Idol

Ray Chew and Russell Graham have recently utilized the 70 DVZ Strings
for both recording session and live performance work.
You can see both musicians performing as part of Ray Chew's band
"Ray Chew Live" on prominent television shows, including American Idol.

Audio Impressions products have US and international patents pending and DVZ is covered by US patent 7109406.

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